I am the Queen of procratination, disorder, mess, chaos, clutter and all that...Okay well maybe not. But I'm sick of it. I want a change. I want to find things when I need them. I want to enjoy my home. I want time for me. This blog is for me to just talk about how I'm going. I'm probably going to post a lot of to do and ta da list. I'm hoping this will spark some kind of light in me and keep me going on this journey.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Slow Start today.

It’s definitely been a slow start today. I slept in this morning until after 7pm. I haven’t been sleeping well and I took something to help me sleep last night…and sleep I did. Smile Anyway DS was already up and almost ready for school when I got up. He even made me a cuppa tea. Smile Actually I am very proud of his effort this morning. He made lunches for both himself and his sister and put out the vitamins. Then once he was ready for school he did some work on his assignment. Sometime kids surprise us that way. Usually I have to constantly remind him to get his routines done. Anyway back to my day so far. I haven’t done much on my MR yet. I put the washing in the machine last night and set it to be ready at 6am this morning but it’s still waiting for me to put it on the line. I need to finish stripping mine and DD’s bed and put the sheets through the wash.Confused smile But I’ll get to it soon. DH came with me to drop the kids to school and we went to the butcher to get some rump. We stopped in town quickly on the way home and I went into Lincraft to get some wool (50% offOpen-mouthed smile) while DH ducked into the Christian Bookstore. Well I guess it time I stop procrastinating here and get some work done.