I am the Queen of procratination, disorder, mess, chaos, clutter and all that...Okay well maybe not. But I'm sick of it. I want a change. I want to find things when I need them. I want to enjoy my home. I want time for me. This blog is for me to just talk about how I'm going. I'm probably going to post a lot of to do and ta da list. I'm hoping this will spark some kind of light in me and keep me going on this journey.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

I stumble but I refuse to fall

As I sit here now I have just finished catching up with a heap of washing up. I can believe I let them pile up…grrr at me…my bed is currently unmade at 5pm in the afternoon and I barely did any of my morning routine…and …I can honestly say…I felt like crumbling and just having a good old cry…but I didn’t and I haven’t and I won’t…why…because even if I stumble…which we all do sometimes…I refuse to fall…and even if I do fall I will pick myself up again and just keep moving… I will accept that sometimes I get sick or my back acts up or…anything else that mucks up my routine happens…maybe I won’t like it when that happens…heck…I’ll hate it when that happens…but I won’t let it destroy me.

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